It’s easy to download and use the PennyTalk Mobile app for iPhone. The app comes with up to 100 minutes of free international calls!

Once you download the free app, enroll for the free trial and start calling right away. From the app, use your phone’s contacts or the app keypad to dial your friends and family.

After your free trial (or at any time), easily add funds to your account by dialing 233 (ADD) from the app keypad. You can also visit the online Account Centre at or to add funds.

Free trial – 100 minutes of international calls

Download the app, enter your mobile info, choose “Get Free Minutes” and instantly receive a $1 credit. That’s up to 100 minutes of free international calls!

Use your phone’s contact list or the app keypad to place a call immediately. You’ll have up to 30 days to use your free trial minutes.

  • If you already have a PennyTalk account, you can still get your free $1 credit just by logging in to your PennyTalk account from within the app.
Easily add funds to keep calling

When your account balance runs low, you can quickly add funds by dialing 233 (ADD) from within the app. Or, set up Auto-Recharge in the online Account Centre at or to ensure you never run low on funds. PennyTalk accepts MasterCard and Visa.

PennyTalk rates are among the lowest you’ll find

PennyTalk’s rates are the same whether you call using a mobile app or your home phone. When calling from the app, there is no connection fee on calls.

Use your PennyTalk account from all of your phones

Your PennyTalk Mobile account can also be used to make calls from your home or other phones.

How does the PennyTalk Mobile app work?

PennyTalk Mobile uses your mobile minutes, your mobile data plan or Wi-Fi to make calls. When you install the app, you’ll choose which calling options you prefer. To change your preferences at any time, go to the Settings menu in the app. If all calling options are selected, the app will attempt to connect your calls using minutes, then Wi-Fi, then mobile data, based on availability.

Does PennyTalk use minutes or data?

Calls made with PennyTalk Mobile may use your domestic airtime minutes or mobile data, depending upon which calling method the app uses (minutes, mobile data or Wi-Fi). The app also uses a small amount of data when updating your account information.

Will I be charged by my mobile service provider to make Wi-Fi and mobile data calls?

Calls made using mobile data will use your phone’s data plan and may incur charges from your mobile provider. Wi-Fi calls should not incur data plan charges, but you should confirm this with your mobile provider.

Which option should I choose? Wi-Fi, mobile data or minutes?

It’s really your choice. There are pros and cons to each based on your mobile phone plan and the signal strength of your Wi-Fi or mobile data connection.


Pros: access is free where available; won’t use your minutes or data plan; best for use outside of your home country.
Cons: Wi-Fi signal strength can be weak, leading to poorer call quality.


Pros: won’t use your minutes; signal strength may be stronger than with Wi-Fi; best if you have an unlimited data plan.
Cons: will use some of your data if you are on a limited data plan.


Pros: signals are usually stronger and connections more reliable; best if you have unlimited minutes.
Cons: will use your minutes if you are on a limited minute plan.

Generally speaking, a stronger Wi-Fi or data connection produces better call quality. If you are experiencing weak Wi-Fi or data connections, you may want to consider changing the app settings to use your minutes.

How do I switch between using Wi-Fi, mobile data or minutes?

You may switch your preferences at any time by accessing the Settings menu from within the app. Please note -- to use the Wi-Fi calling option, you must also enable Wi-Fi on your phone.

What is my account number and/or PIN?

Your PennyTalk account number is usually your mobile number. Your account number can be found on the Settings screen within app. You created a 4-digit PIN when you signed up for your PennyTalk Mobile account.

If you forgot your account number and/or PIN, use the login help button above to receive your information via email. The button is the question mark on the top right of your screen. If you need further assistance, please call customer service at 888-311-8360.

How will I know my account balance?

You can find your account balance on the app keypad. Each time you make a call you will also hear your account balance and the minutes remaining for your call. Your balance will be updated after your call.

Are there any fees?

PennyTalk has a low monthly service fee of 99¢. This is charged on your monthly anniversary of your account activation. PennyTalk has no monthly minimums, auto-refill requirements or recharge fees.

How can I be sure I’m using PennyTalk Mobile for my international calls?

There are several ways to be sure that you’re calling with PennyTalk Mobile:

  • When you open the app, you’ll see PennyTalk Mobile at the top of your screen and the keypad will be yellow
  • When you place a call from the app using the keypad or tapping a contact from the app, you’ll see “PennyTalk Mobile” on your screen as the call goes through
  • As your call is connected, you’ll hear “Thank you for using PennyTalk.”
Can I use PennyTalk Mobile for domestic calls?

Yes. PennyTalk Mobile is designed for both international and domestic calling.

Can I use PennyTalk Mobile from outside the Canada?

Yes. You can use the app while traveling outside of Canada. To minimise roaming charges, please ensure that you turn on the “Use Wi-Fi” calling option in the app and enable Wi-Fi on your phone. Also be sure to disable international roaming on your phone and turn off the app’s "Use my Minutes" and “Use my Data Plan” calling options.

Once you have your 10-digit Saveorite number for your favourite, add it to your contacts. Open the PennyTalk Mobile app, and tap the Saveorite number in your contacts or use the app keypad to dial. You’ll connect to your favourite right away and save 20% more every time you call a Saveorite number.

How do I make another call?

Before making your next call, be sure that you are using the PennyTalk Mobile keypad. If you allow push notifications from PennyTalk Mobile, after each call ends you’ll have the option to return to the app right away with a single tap.

Are there any requirements for my phone?

PennyTalk Mobile requires that you have a domestic calling plan with data service. If you can make domestic calls from your phone, you can use PennyTalk Mobile. Your phone does not need to be set to make international calls.

You will also need iOS version 4.2 or higher. PennyTalk uses your regular mobile signal, so anywhere you can make a call or connect to a data network, you can call with the app.

I have chosen to use mobile data to make calls, but the app is not working. How can I fix this?

This can occur if you are in a location where your phone already has a Wi-Fi connection. To use mobile data to make calls, please disable Wi-Fi on your phone and turn off the "Use Wi-Fi" and "Use my Minutes" calling options in the app. If you later want to make calls using Wi-Fi, you will need to enable it on your phone and in the app.


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